Horse Show Partnerships

Equestrian Aid Foundation's Horse Show Partner program is a simple and impactful way for horse show managers to support the Equestrian Aid Foundation’s mission of helping critically ill and injured horse people—from riders and grooms to judges and ground crew, the very people who populate your show grounds day after day. 

How It Works

Show managers designate a class of their choice as a partner class and choose a percentage of each entry fee to donate to the Equestrian Aid Foundation. Because the Equestrian Aid Foundation is a 501(c)(3), donations are tax deductible.

Example: 25 riders enter a class with an entry fee of $40. The show manager decides this class will be a partner class, and she will donate 20 percent of each entry fee (25 x $8 = $200) to the Equestrian Aid Foundation.


Acknowledging Your Support

Caring about seriously injured or ill members of the equestrian community is a great message for any show manager to send, and the Equestrian Aid Foundation will promote your show as a horse show partner with an e-blast, on the Equestrian Aid Foundation website and in social media.


Co-Branding Our Partnerships

The Equestrian Aid Foundation will provide show managers materials to promote the partnership between their show and EAF. Managers will receive the following:

  • An advertisement with a brief overview of the program for use in the prize list at your discretion.
  • A public-address announcement script to promote your participation in the program on site.
  • Brochures for the horse show office and co-branded signage for the horse show office and exhibitor areas.
  • A hi-res copy of the program badge for use on the horse show’s website, social media or printed materials. (All badge usage must be approved by EAF prior to publication.)
  • Recognition on Equestrian Aid Foundation’s social channels.


At the End of the Horse Show

Your only responsibility is to mail a donation the Equestrian Aid Foundation for the determined percentage of entry fees from the partner classes. You will receive a donation acknowledgment for your charitable contribution.


If you would like your horse show to be an Equestrian Aid Foundation Horse Show Partner,

please email Emily Cleland at



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 Together, we can make a difference!