Improving the lives of horsemen in need.

Board of Governors

Mary Phelps

Dawn Adams

Kim VanKampen Boyer

Marcel van der Burgh

Frances Steinwedell Carvin

Tara Celentano

Samantha Charles

Jane Forbes Clark

Melissa Cohn

Gene Freeze

Orlando Gonzales

Kitt Kirchner

Kelly Klein

Marcia Kulak

Anne Kursinski

Bill Landesman

Ivy LeDonne

Maria Matute

Denise Griffin Maynard

Kathy Moore

George Morris

Karin Reid Offield

Julie Anne Quay

Brett Raflowitz

Tracey Raflowitz

Jane Rainis

Guenter Seidel

Nan Sexton

Michelle Simpkins

Chrystine Tauber

Eve Lloyd Thompson

Charles Tota

Marc Ulanowski

Chester Weber

Visse Wedell

Katie Whaley

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The Equestrian Aid Foundation respects the privacy of every individual who applies for assistance and keeps all information private and secure.